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How To Properly Purify Water
by John E Phillips with Erica Miller

The Simplest And Easiest Way To Purify Water

You can find many different kinds of water filters on the market today, all of which have the advantages of producing clean-tasting water with a quick processing time. The carbon filters found in some water filtration systems will remove chemical toxins from your water. This type of filter currently remains the only method of removing chemicals to have pure drinking water.

In the filtering process, contaminated water goes into the container, passes through several different types of filters, and becomes pure at the end of its course. Just Remember one additional instruction -- change the filters as often as the package directions tell you.

Look for these three characteristics when searching for a quality water filter:

  • An iodine matrix. Only a system that includes an iodine matrix will kill viruses.
  • A small-pored filter. Make sure you get a filter with pores 0.2 microns or smaller to filter all the bacteria.
  • A carbon filter. Choose a filtering system that contains carbon filters that will remove chemical toxins.

You can purchase water purifiers that resemble overgrown magic markers or sports bottles. The pen-resembling purifiers use ultraviolet light to disinfect rapidly, without the use of heat or chemicals. You just stick the tip of the pen in the water, and within 30 seconds, you'll have purified, ready-to-drink water. Whatever type of water purification system you buy, you'll have no trouble learning how to use it. The manufacturers of these purification systems have made them idiot-proof.

We all take our drinking water for granted. We unconsciously rely on municipal water-treatment plants to provide safe drinking water. For the most part, these municipal water systems effectively clean, filter and deliver pollutant-free water to citizens in their service areas. However, if you don't have municipal water to drink, you run a very high risk of getting Montezuma's Revenge or worse.

Make sure you don't drink water directly from lakes, rivers, streams or springs. You can get safe drinking water, though, by going to your local sporting-goods dealer or pharmacy or contacting camping-supply and mail-order houses. Purchase a water-purification system you can use at home or in the field. Or, look up water purification on the Worldwide Web to learn the latest methods and research available.

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