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Bass Fishing Central Alabama

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Bass Fishing Central



Logan Martin Lake


Pell City, approximately 2 miles from Logan Martin Lake, is an example of a late nineteenth century mill village. Today about 2-miles west of the I-20 Pell City exit is an old mill. Houses of the original village surround the mill. In the middle twentieth century, owners of mills like this sold these houses to individual owners.

The closest site of historical note is Talladega, which is one of the oldest white settlements in the Alabama interior. Pioneers moved here while it was on the boundary line between Creek and Cherokee domains and called the place Border Town. In and around the city, Indian mounds indicate prehistoric occupation of the region over a long period.


Catchings says Logan Martin has two distinct types of habitat, suitable for both spotted and largemouth bass. At the lake's upper end from Neely Henry Dam 20-miles southward, the lake is mostly river. Below that, however, from the Riverside area to Logan Martin Dam, the lake takes on the appearance of a typical reservoir with numerous creeks and sloughs.

"The shoreline of the lake is extensively developed," Catchings added, "with numerous homes and cabins as well as several marinas and campgrounds."

Logan Martin has three, free, public boat ramps and several pay-as-you-go launch sites. At full pool, according to fisheries biologists' reports, the lake is at 465 feet above sea level. During the cooler months, however, between October and April, Alabama Power lowers the lake by 5 feet.

According to Catchings, many anglers consider the area above Stemley Bridge as mainly a largemouth habitat and the region below the bridge as primarily holding spotted bass. While this sentiment is partially true because of the differences in the steepness and makeup of the riverbanks, this assumption is not always the case. Both spots and largemouths can be caught from one end of Logan Martin to the other.

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