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Click to enlargeThe Best Places To Hunt Right Now

Larry Norton, a member of the API Tree Stand and Mossy Oak hunt teams, and longtime avid deer hunter says, "The type of place that I like to key in on during every bow season is clearcuts, but not just any kind of clearcut.

Click to enlarge"I'm looking for a clearcut with a low spot, a small branch or a little wet spot out in it. You'll also find these low spots in the bottoms of hollows where the timber has to be left to prevent erosion and protect the streams. The bottoms of clearcuts will collect more water than the hillsides do, especially during dry weather. Often you can find acorns on the nut trees in these regions. You'll also locate briar patches and honeysuckle patches with plants that have plenty of leaves on them that the deer can eat during dry-weather conditions.

Click to enlarge"But, not only will you pinpoint food and water in these little low places out in clearcuts. These low spots will be cool and are places where deer will bed as well as find food and water.

Click to enlarge"If you can find an acorn tree that's producing acorns with feeding sign around it, then you can expect the deer to come out of those clearcuts and feed under that tree. A feed tree like the one I have described can be productive either in the morning or in the afternoon. So, study your clearcuts, look for reasons why the deer should be in there, and find the trails they are using to go into and out of the clearcuts. Then set up your stands."

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