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Bubba Dunn, a champion bull rider who has scored the highest ride ever in a professional bull-riding competition and a member of Mossy Oak's Pro Staff Team, hails from Alexandria, Louisiana, but is known across the country for his bull-riding prowess.

click to enlargeTo get off a bull, you need the same expertise as you do to get off a tiger. You'll have few problems getting on a bull. However, when you want to turn loose and go to the house, you may get your fanny skinned up real quick. If you ride right-handed, you need to get off on the right-hand side of the bull. When I hear the whistle indicating that I've made a good ride, I lift my chin up, wait for the bull to kick, release my hand and roll to the outside of the bull. I wait for the bull to kick because I'll know when he's kicking he's moving away from me. As the bull's moving away from me, I'll open my hand and roll away from the bull. When you release your hand from the rope, you will fall somewhere where the bull's not going to be. Never try to get off a bull when he's spinning. If you do, more than likely you'll fall to the inside and get hurt.


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