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click to enlargeI WANT TO BE A BULL RIDER


Bubba Dunn, a 30-year-old nationally-ranked professional bull rider from Alexandria, Louisiana, loves his life and enjoys being a part of the Mossy Oak Pro Team. Dunn constantly has people asking him how they can become bull riders. If you came to me and said you wanted to be a bull rider, I'd advise you to get all the right equipment, the best that money could buy. Then I'd show you the basics involved with riding a bull. Although I could teach you everything I knew, I couldn't give you the desire and fire you had to have to climb on a bull week after week or the strength to try as hard as you could every time you rode. A person either would or wouldn't have these character traits. If you had them, you could learn to ride a bull and make money riding them.

click to enlargeBut I personally think that the real secret to becoming a bull rider is to get on as many bulls as you can, every chance you have. Never, never, never turn down a ride -- regardless of how bad that bull is suppose to be.

One night I rode 10 bulls in 30 minutes. My dad was putting on a rodeo and didn't have many bull riders who showed up for the event. Because Dad knew he had to have some bull riders, every time I'd ride, his assistants would load another bull in the chute as soon as I got up off the arena floor. After riding the second bull and getting dumped, I didn't really care how many bulls I rode. Before the night was over I'd ridden those 10 bulls in 30 minutes.

To be a good bull rider, you've got to want to get on any bull, any time. When you draw a bad bull, one you know is really bad, like Bodacious, you try and mentally block out everything that you've heard about the bull. You tell yourself that he's just another bull that you've got to ride. I've ridden Bodacious twice, and he really, really bucks hard. I had to try and ride him. If you want to be a bull rider, you've got to try and ride them all.


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