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The Masters' Secrets of Bowhunting Deer

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Chapter 1
Use a Master Bowhunter's Secrets For Success

The difference between an archer and a bowhunter is an archer shoots targets with a bow and arrow at a measured distance. For the archer to be successful, he simply must have a target in front of him and shoot accurately. But the bowhunter must be able to shoot accurately in many different positions after finding a place where a deer will present a shot within the effective range of his bow.

One of the best bowhunters I ever have met is Jerry Simmons of Jasper, Alabama. In 80 days of one season of bowhunting, Simmons let arrows fly at 53 deer. He harvested 43 of these whitetails.

One of the primary reasons for Simmons' success is because he finds places in the woods to put his tree stand where the deer will walk to within 18 yards or less. Simmons, who has over 30 years of experience, spends most of his time scouting. He has developed a system of scouting which has helped him to harvest more than 300 deer with a bow in his lifetime.


Like most good bowhunters, Simmons appreciates having the advantage of maps as he says that, "Topo maps and aerial photos will show you where woods openings are in the forests. These maps will give you an idea of the terrain, show you where the creeks and valleys are and where the trails and roads are located on the property. I've found the most critical element in successful prescouting is knowing the road systems of the land you want to hunt.

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