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Turkey Hunting Tactics

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When the hunter squeezes the trigger and the bird flops, the hunt is over. But then the decision must be made about what to do with the bird. Is the turkey to be mounted or eaten? If the tom is to be mounted, run to the gobbler as soon as the trigger is pulled, grab the turkey by the feet or the head, and hold the tom up off the ground. Then if the turkey is flopping, he won't knock a large portion of his feathers off.

Field care for a bird that is to be mounted begins immediately. The less damage the turkey does to his feathers, the better the mount. If any of the tail or wing feathers are shot off or broken, gather up these feathers as they may be able to be replaced by a competent taxidermist.

Also the decision to mount or eat the bird dictates whether or not the gobbler should be field dressed. To be mounted, a gobbler doesn't need to be field dressed. If the turkey is to be eaten, field dressing it is appropriate.

The decision will also determine how the bird is transported out of the woods. If the bird is to be mounted, all care should be taken to protect the feathers and to keep any blood from drying on them. If the turkey will be dinner, then the condition of the feathers is not important.

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