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Pay-to-Fish Trophy Bass Lakes Give You the Most for Your Dollar

The Lakes of Leavellwood

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: If you want to catch a trophy bass, you can spend thousands of dollars on equipment and Click to enlargehours on the water. You may find yourself traveling all over the country and only catching a few quality bass. My home state of Alabama homes intensively-managed private lakes full to the brim with big, beautiful bass. You can have the greatest day of bass fishing you’ve ever had in your life and spend less time and less money than you’ll normally spend on a big bass-fishing expedition to Mexico, Cuba, south Texas or Florida. By visiting these Alabama trophy-bass lakes, you can land that lunkerof a lifetime, catch and release a large number of bass in the 4- to 10-pound range in one day and have an amazing fishing trip. I’ve fished five of the listed lakes, and my children and the friends I’ve taken with me never have forgotten these trips and the fish we’ve caught. Each lake can produce your bass of a lifetime and has the potential for you to catch and release 20 to 100 bass or more that will weigh from 4- to 10-pounds plus any day you fish there.

Alabama homes several trophy-bass lakes, but if you’re looking for extremely-high quality bass fishing at a reasonable price, start at the Lakes of Leavellwood. These lakes, constructeClick to enlarged by Trey Montgomery of West Greene, Ala., off I-59 south of Tuscaloosa, have large trees and concrete structures lying down in their middles. The design of each lake helps produce trophy bass. Although each lClick to enlargeake has different habitat and structure, anglers catch bass from 5- to 10-pounds each in the various lakes regularly. Catching and releasing 75 to 100 bass that will weigh from 2- to 10-pounds each happens often.

Family-friendly, each year, the Lakes of Leavellwood host more than 100 students from Birmingham’s Mountain Brook Junior High for a culmination of a fishing unit in the school’s P.E. department and the chance to build memories of an outstanding fishing trip of a lifetime. (See John’s Journal No. 148). The lake homes Tiger Bass and Gorilla Bass also. Businesses use the lakes and its lodge and grounds for corporate outings and family retreats. Leavellwood is fun fishing for all ages. I’ve witnessed many people catching the bass of their lifetimes at Leavellwood.

For more information on the Lakes of Leavellwood, check out the website, or contact Trey Montgomery at 205-372-2323.

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