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Five Rules for Bagging a Monster Bow Buck with Toxey Haas

Rule #3:  Become a Scent Fanatic    

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: ToxeClick to enlargey Haas, the president of Mossy Oak, took his first buck with a gun when only 8-years-old. But for the last two decades, he has hunted almost exclusively with a bow. Haas has learned that to consistently take a well-racked buck each season, he must give even the smallest detail of the hunt his maximum attention.

"I have become a scent fanatic," Haas emphasizes. "I realize more bowhunters spook the deer they try to take because the buck smells them than for any other reason." Haas believes that odor elimination begins first with your diet. "Two or three days before you plan to bowhunt, don't eat spicy foods or a lot of red meat. Try to eat a bland diet. Then when you sweat, youwon't give off a strong acid smell."   

Haas next scrubs his body with an odor-killing, odor-neutralizing soap as if his life depends on his body being clean and sceClick to enlargent-free. Next he puts on a scent-eliminating suit in Mossy Oak camouflage.    

As an extra precaution, Haas sprays his outerwear from head to toe wClick to enlargeith a scent eliminator. "I want to do all in my power to eliminate my human odor," Haas advises. Haas chews gum to try and clean his breath and breathes through a scent-eliminator mask. "If you don't try and eliminate the odor coming from your mouth and nose, then you won't effectively eliminate odor," Haas comments. "Often the strongest odor you emit, especially if you have sinus problems, comes from your mouth and nose." Haas also cautions you to never go into an area where you think you have a chance to take a big buck without the wind in your favor.        

Tomorrow Rule #4: Don’t Hunt the Deer’s Food Source

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