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Combo Hunt for Ducks and Whitetails and Other Animals

Click to enlargeHunt Ducks in the Afternoon

After a day or two of deer hunting, I’ll know whether I’ll see more deer in the morning or the afternoon. Often with a fullmoon and a clear sky, most deerwill feed at night. To bag Click to enlargea buck, I’ll get to my tree stand before daylight and hunt that first hour or two of morning light. I also know that sometimes deer will wait until black dark instead of late in the afternoon to begin their feeding. From my on-site research, if I’ve determined that I’ll have the most-productive deer hunting in the morning, then I’ll start to look for a roost site to hunt ducks late in the afternoon. Many times just before dark, ducks will come in to feed and/or roost in a flooded-timber area, a backwoods pond or along a creek or a stream. I may locate one of these regions close to where I tree-stand hunt for deer. If I leave my tree stand before dark, I can don my waders and move out into the waterways to wait on the ducks.

But don’t forget when legal shooting time ends. Ducks will continue to fly and come into a roost site well after shooting hours. I always stop Click to enlargeshooting and begin picking up my ducks 5-minutes early to keep from violating the law. To make sure that I stop before legal shooting time expires, I’ll Click to enlargeset the alarm on my wristwatch to go off 5 minutes before the ending of legal shooting hours. Then I’ll have enough light to pick up the ducks and also can see how to change from my waders to my hunting clothes.

Tomorrow: Enjoy Midday Duck Hunting

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