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The Youngest Pro Fisherman with Jonny Schultz

Jonny Schultz and His Bass-Fishing Sponsors

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Fourteen year-old Jonny Schultz, of Little Rock, Arkansas, started his fishing career when he was 7-years old. Now that he’s 14, he’s already earned $20, 000 in college scholarships. This week we’ll see how this phenomenal young man has made his life, living and fortune as a professional fisherman and learn what the future holds for him.Click to enlarge

Question: Jonny, we understand you’re sponsored by Strike King Lures and Plano tackle boxes. Do you have any other sponsors?
Schultz: Yes, I do. My sponsors include Triton Boats, Mercury Motors, Stren Line, MotorGuide Trolling Motors, Toyota Tundra, Quantum Rods and Reels, Reel Grips and a few others.

Question: What do you actually get from these sponsors?
Schultz: Right now I get products, and they help me come to events like the Classic and the seminars that I do. I try and promote their products everywhere I speak and every contest in which I participate. I try to be a good representative for each of these companies.Click to enlarge

Question: Jonny, are there any other young people coming into the fishing industry that are your age and younger?
Schultz: Yes, there are. You’d be surprised at the number of young people who are involved in Junior Angler programs through B.A.S.S. and the FLW. I really encourage young people to get started early in the Casting Kids programs. I’ve found that I’ve gained a lot of experience by being able to fish with some of the top-notch anglers in the business. I learn something new every time I go fishing with different fishermen who will take me with them. Then, when I’m in Click to enlargecompetition, whether I win a tournament or not, I’m still learning more about the fishing industry. I have been given so-many opportunities to learn how to promote, speak in public, work with sponsors, help sponsors sell products and become a professional angler. I think that the sport of fishing is really great because it allows young people to go out fishing with veteran anglers and especially anglers who are at the top of their profession.

Question: Jonny, we think the fact that you’ve won $20,000 already in your fishing career is amazing. How can other young people get into the fishing business like you have? And, is there a chance for them to make as much money as you’ve made?
Schultz: There sure is. Both the FLW and the B.A.S.S. have Junior Fishermen programs. Many young people may not know that you can join a local bass-fishing club in your area by talking to the youth director of that club. You’ll be able to go out and fish with other young people and with adults who supply the boats for the young people to use for fishing. We usually fish 6- to 8-hour days, and the bass fishermen in these clubs do all they can to try and teach us how to be better fishermen. Once we learn to fish on the club level, if we qualify in kid’s tournaments, we then can fish on the state level. If you win on the state level, you can qualify to go to regional or national tournaments. If you make it to the national kid’s fishing tournaments, you have a chance to win a boat and to win college scholarships. So, yes, there are plenty of opportunities for young people to learn how to fish, get started in fishing and earn scholarships for college through these fishing organizations. But fishing on the junior level is more than just competing and having a chance to win scholarships and boats. We get to meet all the professional fishermen and make a lot of friends. For instance, in the Bass Federation clubs, these fishermen know how important it is for us to learn to become better fishermen and for us to learn to be competition bass fishermen. So, they take us fishing, teach us how to catch fish and compete. I couldn’t have accomplished as much as I have without the help of the members of the B.A.S.S. Federation. The people in the bass-fishing world are really great people. They are interested in kids, and they’ll give up their time to help us learn to fish and compete. What I’ve done in bass fishing and the scholarships I’ve won are available to many-more people, who are willing to get involved.

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