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The Youngest Pro Fisherman with Jonny Schultz

How to Get Sponsors

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Fourteen year-old Jonny Schultz, of Little Rock, Arkansas, started his fishing career when he was 7-years old. Now that he’s 14, he’s Click to enlargealready earned $20, 000 in college scholarships. This week we’ll see how this phenomenal young man has made his life, living and fortune as a professional fisherman and learn what the future holds for him.

Question: Jonny, how do you attract sponsors?
Schultz: The people who work for fishing-tackle companies are just people. You can go up and talk to them, and they’ll talk to you. I really try to impress the sponsors. I tell them what I’m doing, how I’m fishing, why I’m fishing, what I want to become and the route I’m taking to get there. If you demonstrate poise and character, everybody in the fishing-tackle industrywill talk to you and try to help you. The fishing industry is really easy to get into because there are so many nice people involved in it. What you have to remember is that everybody you’re talking to will probably have kids your age. I’ve found that in the fishing tackle industry, people try to talk to me and help me like they want someone to talk to his or her child who wanted to get into fishing. I’ve found that one of the best Click to enlargeplaces to meet fishingClick to enlarge pros, sponsors, press people and everyone involved in the fishing industry is to go to the Bassmaster Classic. At the Classic Show, many of the manufacturers show their new products. Many of the professional fishermen are in the booths, and you’ll have a chance to talk to them one on one. The best advice I can give a young person is to start fishing, keep on fishing and every chance you get, meet and get to know people in the fishing industry. Many sporting-goods stores have seminars that the national fishing pros come to and speak. They’ll also have manufacturers and representatives at these shows. Many times, some of the company’s staff will be at local sporting-goods dealers. Any time you have an opportunity to meet a professional fisherman or a manufacturer, take advantage of that opportunity. Let the people know who you are, and what you do and stay in touch with them.

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