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The Youngest Pro Fisherman with Jonny Schultz

Meet Jonny Schultz, Bass-Fishing Phenom

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Fourteen year-old Jonny Schultz, of Little Rock, Arkansas, started his fishing career when he was 7-years old. Now that he’s 14, he’s already earned $20, Click to enlarge000 in college scholarships. This week we’ll see how this phenomenal young man has made his life, living and fortune as a professional fisherman and learn what the future holds for him.

Question: Jonny, you’ve learned very well how to market yourself as a professional fisherman. If people want to learn more about Jonny Shultz, who he is, what he does, where he’ll be appearing, and what he thinks about certain products, how can they find out?
Schultz: You can go to or you can email me at On my webpage, you can see everythingClick to enlarge I’m doing, and I also have links to all my sponsors’ pages there. On the webpage, you also can read about some of the kids’ tournaments that young people can attend. I try and keep young people updated on what I’m doing, what they can do, and what’s happening in the fishing industry.Click to enlarge

To know more about how you and/or your children can get involved in the bass-fishing programs for young people, go to Jonny Shultz’s webpage, or contact Jonny, and he’ll be glad to help you. Jonny Schultz is a phenom in the bass-fishing industry, not only because of his fish-catching ability, but because of his willingness to learn and his keen insights in how to become a professional bass fisherman at an extremely young age. Although Jonny Schultz is a young man, he’s learned the secrets to becoming a bass pro. We feel certain he’ll be one of the rising stars as he grows, learns and one day steps full-fledged into the fishing industry.

To learn more about Jonny Shultz, visit

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