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Cristie Gates - Benelliís Lady with a Gun

Benelli and Gates 10-Years from Now

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Cristie Gates of Accokeek, Maryland, media and exhibit manager at Benelli U.S.A., recently took her first turkey with the new Benelli Vinci, a semi-autoloading shotgun. This week, Gates will tell us about her hunt, the new Vinci and the many opportunities for women in the hunting industry.

Question: Cristie, where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Gates: I’d still like to be in the outdoor industry hopefully working for Benelli. The advancements that the Benelli engineers have made in gun design in the last 8 years since I’ve been here have been amazing. I’ve learned there are so many more advancements left to be made that will make Benelli shotguns even more comfortable for all shooters.Click to enlarge

Question: What’s in your hunting future?
Gates: Next stop, whitetails. I hope to take a big whitetail. I took a kudu in Africa before taking my first whitetail in the U.S.

Question: After taking a big whitetail, what would you like to experience next in the world of shooting?
Gates: I’d really like to go to Argentina for a high-volume dove shoot. I’d love the opportunity to see thousands of doves in one day and to be able to shoot bazillions of shells. That’s a real dream hunt for me.

Question: What’s in the future for Benelli?Click to enlarge
Gates: The new Vinci will present a lot of opportunities for growth for Benelli. We’re looking at turning the hunting industry on its ear in the next year or two with the new innovations and new products that we have in the pipeline now.

Question: One question that’s been asked on this hunt is, “Will Benelli be introducing a 20-gauge semi-automatic on the Vinci platform in the near future?
Gates: This is more than a possibility. I think there will be many women hunters looking forward to having a 20-gauge with as little recoil as the Vinci 20-gauge will have. With today’s shotshell loads being so much more powerful than ever before, there’s no reason for a woman to shoot a 3-1/2-inch, 12-gauge shotgun to deliverClick to enlarge the knockdown power that she wants when she hunts. A woman can shoot a 20-gauge Magnum and feel much more comfortable with less recoil. We’ll have interchangeable barrels, so the ladies can hunt turkeys, upland birds, geese and any other game they like to hunt with shotguns.

Question: Cristie, what was your overall opinion for your first turkey hunt?
Gates: The hunt was very exhilarating and very exciting. I met some great people I hope to work with and be friends with for a long time.

Question: Will we see you in the turkey woods again next spring?
Gates: Absolutely, without question.

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