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Why Take Your Employees and Customers FishingClick to enlarge

You Can Conduct Business and Network with Clients on a Fishing Trip

Editor’s Note: Business doesn’t have to only be conducted in boardrooms. You can transfer information about new products and services, strengthen relationships and build a strong sales team while on a charter boat fishing off Alabama’s Gulf Coast.Click to enlarge

Recently on her first fishing trip, which took place off Alabama’s Gulf Coast, a financial advisor from Tallahassee, Florida, had more amberjack than she could handle. Unaware of an amberjack’s strength, she soon realized she had a tiger by the tale when a big jack loaded-up on her rod. The deckhand and one of her colleagues came to her rescue, helping her battle the fish as it came up to the side of the “Summer Breeze II” charter boat. A deckhand gaffed the AJ and brought it on-board. Everyone laughed and had a big-fish tale to tell about the amberjack that nearly pulled the financial advisor into the water. When the lady angler hooked her next AJ, she decided to bring it in by herself, and she did. Landing the biggest fish of her life was part of a relationship-building fishing trip. Every one of the financial planners on that boat always will remember the lady angler and her first big fish.

On a corporate fishing trip, a fishing boat becomes a classroom, a boat deck becomes a platform for business nClick to enlargeetworking, and a rod and reel becomes a line of communication through which business information travels freely. Click to enlargeIndividuals in the same industry, working for the same company can come together not only to catch fish and have fun, but also to learn better ways to serve their customers, gain more information about new products and have an opportunity to solve problems collectively in an informal and relaxed environment.

To learn more about fishing with Captain Bobby Walker on the “Summer Breeze II,” call 251-981-6159 or 251-747-3575, visit, or email For more information on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, visit, or call 1-800-745-SAND (7263). For one of the best places on the beach to stay that has nice amenities, check out Perdido Beach Resort. Go to, or call 800-634-8001.

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