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Hunting Hot-Weather White-Tailed Bucks in South Carolina

Warm-Weather Bucks are Some of the Biggest of the Season

Click to enlargeEditor’s Click to enlargeNote: The State of South Carolina homes many fine hunting places and has a deer season unlike many others, since it starts in some sections of the state on August 15 and continues until January 1. This week we’ll look at hot-weather deer hunting in South Carolina and see the enjoyment of hunters there, although the weather is hot, and sometimes the hunting is tough.

The deer I took at the Bostick was a 2-1/2-year-old 8 point that weighed 175 pounds. According to Joe Bostick, “We usually take some of the biggest deer of the season during the summer months. The bucks have had all summer to feed-up and don’t have to travel far for abundant food. And unlike the winter months, the bucks haven’t burned-off much fat chasing does. So, for those reasons, we often will bag deer that will weigh from 175 to over 200 pounds during August, September and the first part of October. I think we have fine deer becausewe take off the antlered deer that cause overpopulation and prevent adeerherd from reaching its maximum potential. By working with our state department of conservation, we understand Click to enlargehow many unantlered deer need to be removed from the herd each year to maintain a good, healthy deer population.” Click to enlarge

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