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Hunting Hot-Weather White-Tailed Bucks in South Carolina

Why Hunt For Velvet Antlers

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note:Click to enlargeThe State of South Carolina homes many fine hunting places and has a deer season unlike many others, since it starts in some sections of the state on August 15 and continues until January 1. This week we’ll look at hot-weather deer hunting in South Carolina and see the enjoyment of hunters there, although the weather is hot, and sometimes the hunting is tough.

When I asked the Bostick folks why a sportsman would want to put up with hot weather, mosquitoes, ticks and the other discomforts involved in hunting the bucks of summer, they said, “Here in South Carolina – or more particularly in a few counties in the state – the hunter has the opportunity to take a velvet-antlered deer with a gun. There are few other places in the United States where the Click to enlargesportsman can go and have a chance at a deer like this. Very-few hunters have velvet-antlered deer mounted in their trophy rooms. Also the deer of summer have a much thinner, slicker coat than wintertime deer, which Click to enlargemeans that a taxidermist can craft all the muscle and bone detail in the mount that can’t be seen in a heavy-coated buck. And too, summer bucks are usually the bigger bucks. Of course, plenty of enthusiastic deer hunters will hunt whitetails 365 days a year if they can. So anyone who comes to South Carolina to hunt can start bagging deer long before his buddies in another state even think about hunting deer. Too, summer bucks present more of a challenge for the hunter than the wintertime bucks do. Summer deer aren’t as predictable. You can’t go to a scrape and expect a buck to show-up. You can’t stake-out a green field and assume that a hungry buck must come there to eat. Warm-weather hunters must learn more about the ways of the deer and the ways of the woods to take a bucks then. So I believe the early season deer are more challenging for most hunters.”

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