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Al Morris and Garvin Young Win the 2008 World Coyote Calling Contest – Their Third World Win

Call for Coyotes

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Al Morris of Springfield, Utah, a Hunter’s Specialties’ pro staffer, and his hunting partner, Garvin Young, won their third World Coyote Calling Contest in late 2008 held in Cortez, Colorado. No team ever had won three World Coyote Calling Contests before, and it was also the first back-to-back win.

Click to enlargeQuestion: Where did you and Garvin decide to put the PM-4 to give you the best opportunity to take the most coyotes?
Morris: In this hunt, we put the PM-4 about 50-yards upwind of my stand site. Garvin then took a stand about 100-yards downwind of me. Since coyotes generally would circle downwind before they came in to takean animal, if they made a short circle downwind, they’d come out in front of me. If they made a wide circle, they’d come in to the left or the right of Garvin. If the terrain dictated that the best place for us to call from meant we set the caller 10 or 20 yards in front of us, then we’d use that tactic. Once we picked a spot we wanted to hunt and the place to which we wanted the coyote to come for a productive shot, we could decide where we needed to put the caller and set-up our stands before we started calling. Click to enlarge

Question; Al, when you put the caller out in front of you, you had to leave some kind of scent on the ground. How did you keep the coyotes from smelling the trail you took when you went from your stand site to set-up the caller upwind of you?
Morris: Garvin and I sprayed the bottoms of our boots with Hunter’s Specialties Scent-A-Way spray. Too, we wore Medalist clothing with the SilverMax odor-eliminating Click to enlargetechnology, as well as used the Hunter’s Specialties Scent Wafers.

Question: How close did the coyotes come in to you before you took them?
Morris: I took one coyote with a shotgun that came within 5 feet of my stand and never smelled me. Six of the coyotes we took were harvested at less than 20 yards. The farthest we shot was 200-yards out front with our Benelli shotguns, using Winchester coyote loads, and Thompson/Center Icon Rifles 22-250, and using Winchester ammunition with 50- and 55-grain ballistic tips.

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