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More Hand-Grabbing or Noodling for Catfish in Mississippi

Double-Down on Hand-Grabbing Flathead Catfish

Click for Larger ViewEditor’s Note: Most of the time two hand-grabbers will work together to catch the big flathead cats in the wooden boxes sunk on the bottom of Ross Barnett Reservoir near Jackson, Mississippi. The first fisherman goes down under the water while holding his breath and reaches inside the box to see if a catfish is there. If there’s a catfish in the box, he’ll put both his feet in the box, using his legs to block the entrance. Then the catfish in the box can’t get out. The second catfisherman will take a big gulp of air, go underwater, reach inside the box after first moving the other fisherman’s feet out of the box and grab the catfish.

Click for Larger ViewOftentimes, he’ll feel a second fish in the box. So, as soon as the first catfisherman pulls the first flathead cat out of the box, he tells the second fisherman to block the hole in the box with his feet. The second fisherman will go down to try to catch the second catfish. But rather than explain more about how to get two cats out a wooden box that’s underwater, click on the video, and watch what happens.

Be sure to visit our YouTube Channel at to learn more about hand-grabbing for cats and to see more hand-grabbers catching cats. Maybe next year, you can go hand-grabbing, too.

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