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More Hand-Grabbing or Noodling for Catfish in Mississippi

Day 5:The Catfish That Wouldn’t Come Out of the Box with Preston Pittman and Stephen Bowden

Click for Larger ViewEditor’s Note: My good friend, Preston Pittman, five-time World Champion Turkey Caller, got frustrated on this cat-grabbing trip. Preston was the person who invited me to go on this expedition. When his turn came to try to catch a catfish, he was up for the task. The first time he went down and stuck his hand in the hole of the wooden box he felt the catfish but couldn’t catch him. The second time he went underwater and stuck his arm up in the box, he pulled it out with no catfish. And, on the third time he reached in that box to get the catfish, the catfish pulled the glove off his hand and raked its sandpaper-like teeth over the top of his hand, pulling away the top layer of Preston’s flesh. Another member of our team said, “I’ll go get that catfish.” But, after two tries he also gave up. The time had come to send in the “A” Team. Dressed in Carhartt overalls and sporting the shape of a fireplug, Stephen Bowden went into action to catch the catfish nobody could catch. Watch the fun!

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Entry 568, Day 5