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Hunting the Rut When Sly Bucks Lose Their Cool

Farmland Deer During the Rut and Reading the Signs and Wildlife Energy Drink

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: During the rut when the bucks are chasing the does to breed and perpetuate the species, the hunter who knows what the animals do and how their mating affects their lifestyle can take deer more consistently during the rut than at any other time of the year.Click to enlarge

After the first day of deer season, when green fields and agricultural fields have a lot of pressure on them, most hunters only will observe does and yearling bucks on the fields.  However, once the rut begins, more quality deer will begin to show-up on the green fields. When the doe’s in heat, the buck generally will pursue her – even onto the green fields. Now many times if there’s much pressure on the green fields during the rut, the older, bigger bucks may come right to the edges of the green fields and wait on nightfall to move into the fields to mate with the does. But if the fields haven’t been hunted too hard during the rut, the bucks may show-up as early as 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm. Seeing the bucks on green fields in the middle of the day with the does or attempting to breed the does, isn’t uncommon. Oftentimes green fields that have not produced a buck all year long will seem to be overrun with trophy animals when the rut occurs.

Reading the Signs:Click to enlarge
Being able to understand deer-movement patterns during the rut also will enableyou to realize and interpret what you see if you are hunting in the woods, like longtime deer hunter Don Taylor explains, “When I saw that doe running, I automatically assumed there was a buck behind her, because I knew there were no other hunters in the area. And, when she stopped to look back, that action was almost a dead giveaway that there should be a buck approaching my way. Something else I have observed is when I’m slipping through the Click to enlargewoods, and I see a doe jump-up and run-off, I don’t immediately assume that I’m the one who’s spooked her. If there are buck deer moving through an area where there’s a high-doe concentration, they may spook and run-off as many does as the hunter does. So, during the rut I’m not disappointed when I see doe deer fleeing. Actually I become very confident when I see a doe run-off, because I always assume that the buck, not me, is responsible for her flight.”

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