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New BASS Angler of the Year for 2010 – Kevin VanDam

Day 4: Kevin Van Dam Builds Lures to Catch More Bass

Editor’s Note: Kevin VanDam of Kalamazoo, Michigan, won his 6th Angler-of-the-Year title last week in July, 2010, using some brand-new Strike King Lures.

Click for Larger View“Strike King is a really-unusual lure company,” Kevin VanDam explains. “Yes, Strike King has lure designers who are fantastic, but more importantly, Strike King has some of the best professional fishermen in the nation on the company’s pro staff. The company’s pro staff is charged with the responsibility of helping design the lures they fish with and win tournaments with to promote the Strike King brand.” We asked Kevin VanDam how involved is he and the other Strike King pros in bringing new lures to the marketplace, and what’s the role of the Strike King pros as lure developers? VanDam consistently wins tournaments because he has the ability to design his own lures and then bring those lures to you. Hear what he has to say today on how new Strike King lures come to the market each year.




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Tomorrow: Kevin VanDam Tells Why He Chooses to Bass Fish with Silent-Running and Shallow-Running Crankbaits

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