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Tree Standing Versus Stalk Hunting for a Buck

Day 5: How to Know Whether to Stalk Hunt of Hunt from Tree Stands

Click for Larger ViewI believe that the hunter’s personality, the weather and the scenting conditions often dictate which tactic works best on the particular day the outdoorsman plans to hunt. If the hunter has no patience, he’ll have a miserable time attempting to sit still in a tree stand. He may have more success with stalk hunting. However, if the hunter can hunt quietly and enjoys the opportunity to think and use his field glasses, then he may prefer tree stand hunting over stalk hunting. If the hunter can move slowly and see and determine all that he encounters in the woods, then he may favor a stalking tactic over tree stand hunting. If the hunter knows exactly where a deer shows up because of all the hunting research he has done and has the patience to wait, then he may have more opportunities to take deer while tree-stand hunting.

Click for Larger ViewOn drizzling, cold days, I’ll stalk hunt, so I don’t have to sit still. In cool weather and a constant wind, I’ll look for a tree for myself to keep my scent from being blown out of my hunting area. I’m not so locked into either technique of hunting that when weather and hunting conditions shift that I can’t change tactics.

To decide which style of hunting will pay the best whitetail dividends for you, determine which style fits your personality and the type of terrain you have to hunt. Stalk hunting involves slow moving and great patience in areas where you can see the deer, often at distances of 20-100 yards. Productive tree stand hunting takes intensive scouting, proper stand placement and the ability to sit still in a tree for a long time. Choose the method that works best for you. Then when the hunting conditions change, you can try the other tactic.

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