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How to Take More Predators

How to Take More Predators with Gerald Stewart

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Gerald Stewart of Waco, Texas, doesn’t remember a time when he hasn’t called, hunted and taken predators. Predator hunting has been his life’s work, and each year, he tries to learn more about effective ways to find, call and take predators.

Question: Gerald, what have you recently learned about approaching predators?
Stewart: I came across an idea a number of years ago, and I don’t remember exactly how I figured this out. But my dad, Johnny Stewart, had always been interested in how to approach predators in an area Click to enlargewhere you want to hunt predators in a quieter way. So, I began to modify the tail pipe of my vehicle and point the tail pipe down toward the ground instead of up or out. This way, the sound of the exhaust goes down into the ground rather than being put out behind the vehicle. If you’ll notice, when you lay a caller’s speaker on the ground, much of the call’s sound goes into the ground. The same is true if you turn the tail pipe of the vehicle you hunt with down to the ground. Another thing I’ve learned is that animals react differently to various types of vehicles.

Question: In your opinion, what’s the best kind of vehicle for hunting predators?
Stewart: The landowner’s truck is the best, because the farmer or the rancher’s truck is the vehicle the predators see and hear most often. The predators won’t react to the sound of this vehicle or at least not react severely to it. If the farmer or the rancher doesn’t shoot predators from his truck, then the predators have no fear of it. But if he does shoot at predators from his truck, they’ll run away and hide eveClick to enlargery time they hear it crank up. So, if you’re hunting at a farm or a ranch where the owner doesn’t shoot at predators from his truck, then the predators have no fear of that truck. You’ll realize it’s the best vehicle to move around the ranch in when you’re hunting. I can tell from the first coyote I see on any ranch whether or not the rancher permits shooting from the truck, because if he does, as soon as the coyote sees the truck, the animal will take off running. But if the rancher doesn’t permit shooting from the truck, the coyotes will pay very little attention to the vehicle.

Question: What kind Click to enlargeof vehicles do you think the animals react to the least?
Stewart: I’m still using the old 1973 Bronco that my Dad had modified for quietness. I grease it on a regular basis, turn the tail pipe down and put double mufflers on it so that both sides of the engine are muffled, making it run quieter. I’ve even noticed that when I drive up on deer in the field, I can getmuch closer to the deer with that vehicle than I can with other vehicles, because the deer don’t hear me coming when I’m driving into the wind. I also think that electric- or battery-powered vehicles are much quieter than gas- powered vehicles. The electric golf cart seems to be much quieter than the gas-powered ATV. For instance, a Bad Boy Buggy is much quieter than a gas-powered ATV. I think you definitely have an advantage and can call more predators when you use a quiet vehicle that the predators have never heard before, especially when you use our new Attractor.

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