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How to Take More Predators

Using the Johnny Stewart Attractor for Predators with Gerald Stewart

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Gerald Stewart of Waco, Texas, doesn’t remember a time when he hasn’t called, hunted and taken predators. Predator hunting has been his life’s work for most of his life, and each year, he tries to learn more about effective ways to find, call and take predators.Click to enlarge

Question: Why do you like the Johnny Stewart’s Attractor?
Stewart: I like the 50-yard remote control with five sounds embedded in it because you can attract the attention of the animal to that device rather than to you, if you have a call in your mouth or sitting in front of you. The big advantage of the remote control caller really doesn’t come into play until the animal’s in close. You can start out with a primary call like a mouth call or an electronic call to get the predator’s attention at long range. I like to use the Preymaster or an old Johnny Stewart 512 cassette player to initially start the animal coming toward me. When the critter gets in close, you can use the Attractor, which costs less than $40, making it affordable for almost anyone. By using this little remote control caller in conjunction with the mouth call or the electronic call, you have all the advantages of a more-expensive remote call. I’ve used the Attractor for some time and have called in foxes and coyotes. I’ve had gray foxes come from behind bushes and actually jump up and bite the Click to enlargeAttractor. I had the Attractor hanging up off the ground with the lanyard that comes with it, and a fox jumped into the bush and started biting the Attractor. I had another gray fox climb a mesquite tree with three legs on three different tree limbs, looking right at the Attractor and trying to get it. His nose was about 10 inches from that caller. That was a real Kodak moment. Click to enlarge

I was hunting in the early morning with the sunlight dancing on that gray fox’s pelt. That fox looking at that Attractor would have really made a great photo, but I didn’t have my camera with me. On these two instances, I had a very-quiet, still morning and I used the Attractor as my primary call. I walked a few hundred yards as quietly as possible, set up the Attractor and then started to call with it. Both foxes came in within about 4 minutes of when I started to call. With the Attractor, I’ve had foxes come in within about 15 yards of me. Most of the time, I’ll set the Attractor about 25-yards from me. This little call is great for the predator hunter who likes to hunt with a shotgun. Since the call’s away from you, when the animal comes in, his attention is on the call and not on you. So, your chances of getting a shot off are far greater than when the call is right in front of you, or when you’re using a hand-blown call.

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