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How to Become an Outdoor TV Host with Chad Schearer

Day 5: Putting In More Days and Hours to Be a TV Host Than When Working a Regular Job with Chad Schearer

Click for Larger ViewAlthough the life of a TV host seems glamorous and very exciting, the TV hosts I know put-in long days and often even-longer hours to produce the 22 minutes of each show and the 8 minutes of commercials we see on our television sets. Chad Schearer and his family spend even more time working every week, because of the responsibility Chad and Marsha have in educating and spending time with their boys, Walker and Wyatt. Many people ask, “How do these two youngsters – 9- and 10-years old - keep up with their schoolwork and yet are on the road with their parents 150 to 200 days a year?” Click for Larger ViewThe viewers also wonder what traveling with your family to exotic destinations all over this country and in Africa and the Arctic Circle is like. Many folks think that all the TV host has to do is hunt and fish. However, when the Schearers go on the road, either Chad or Marsha is hunting, while the other’s running the camera. Often because he is a world-class caller, Chad will call the game in, while Marsha runs the camera. He also sits with one of his boys, while the youngster makes the shot. Then there’s also the time required for home schooling.

According to Chad, “What most of us don’t realize is that once you become a national professional outdoor TV host is that your job becomes your life. The TV show is not a job you go to every day, but rather a lifestyle you live every day. Whenever you step out of your vehicle, you’re performing for the public. Everything you say and do with each person you meet is a reflection of you, your television show and your sponsors. Click for Larger ViewYou’re representing you, your family and sponsors and your TV show. Now, having said that, most of us believe and are quite certain that we have the greatest lives a person can live. Without a passion and a love for the outdoors and all things that are wild and free, you can’t be a professional outdoorsman. But, without a caring respect for all those you meet in the outdoors, you can’t be happy and perform at the peak production that’s required for a TV host. Click for Larger ViewThe TV camera rarely lies. If you aren’t truly enjoying your work in the outdoors, your viewers can see it.”

We hope that this week you’ve gotten a glimpse of the life of an outdoor TV host and learned what’s required to develop an outdoor TV show, acquire sponsors and live the life that millions see on television. Learn more at Click on the video below, and see what life is really like for many of the TV hosts we see on our television sets. Listen to Chad Schearer tell you about the life that he and his family spend on the road and behind the camera to bring you the “Shoot Straight” TV show each week.

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Day 5: Putting In More Days and Hours to Be a TV Host Than When Working a Regular Job with Chad Schearer


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