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Belly Boating to Ducks

Day 5: Helpful Hints to Belly Boat for Ducks Successfully

Editor’s Note: Belly boats can take you safely to the secret places ducks love – spots where other hunters never go.

Click for Larger View* Dress warmer than you normally will when you’re waterfowl hunting. Since most of your body will be underwater, utilize bulk clothes to keep-out the cold.
* Take a stand where you can plant your feet solidly on the bottom. Shooting accurately while floating in a belly boat with your feet off the bottom is very difficult, if not impossible.
Click for Larger View* Try to find some kind of brush, stick-ups or fallen trees to use as a blind. Vertical cover helps to camouflage you and the belly boat.
* Use fluorescent spray paint to mark the trail you plan to use to reach a chosen stand. If you’re going to the stand before daylight or coming away from it after dark, using a can of fluorescent paint and a small light can save hours of wandering around in the dark.
* Carry a small, lightweight paddle, so that you’ll be prepared if you have to cross deep water. A little paddle provides a lot of propulsion for a belly-boat waterfowler.
Click for Larger View* Choose a belly boat that’s big enough, so that if you have to shoot when you’re somewhat off -balance, you won’t topple over.

Belly-boat hunting for waterfowl has opened-up a new world of duck hunting for me and can for you too.

Click for Larger ViewTo learn more about my belly boat, go to, or visit your local Bass Pro Shops’ store.


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