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To Hunt a Legendary Buck Deer

Day 2: Researching a Buck Legend

Editor’s Note: Some sly, ole bucks fool so-many hunters and live so long they become legends. Hunting one of these trophies is a supreme challenge. A buck deer with a reputation may require a hunter with a reputation to take him.

Click for Larger ViewTo take a deer with the characteristics of a legend, most veteran hunters start their research not in the woods, but on the front porch of a clubhouse or around the potbellied stove of the local general store, close to where the legend roams. Click for Larger ViewBy interviewing the outdoorsmen who have hunted the legendary buck, the experienced hunter gathers much-needed information. The interviews will reveal where the deer goes, how he acts, where he’s been shot-at, where he likes to bed, what he looks like, which tactics have been tried, what the legend does before, during and after the rut and 101 other characteristics about the legend. From listening to all of the stories, the veteran hunter can begin to understand the legend’s personality. Click for Larger ViewHe also will know what techniques will not or have not worked. He will learn the region where the animal has had a lead encounter and isn’t likely to show-up again. And, he will begin to understand as much about the men who hunt the legend as the animal knows about them. Utilizing all his experience from years of hunting, the veteran then can begin to discard tactics and areas to hunt that he feels won’t allow him a shot at the legend. Click for Larger ViewWhere most novice legend hunters fail is that they don’t get the facts before entering the woods. One or two days spent gathering information from other hunters can save weeks or years in the woods.

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