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Matt Morrett Explains His Secrets to Taking More Tom Turkeys

Day 3: Learn Matt Morrett’s Ultimate Calling Secret to Bring-In Turkeys

Editor’s Note: Matt Morrett of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a professional hunter and a member of Hunter’s Specialties’ Pro Hunt Team, has won the World Friction Championship five times, the Grand National Championship once and the U.S. Open Turkey Calling Championship seven times. I had the privilege of interviewing Morrett for the first time immediately after he won his first World Championship at the age of 17. He’s constantly learned more about hunting turkeys and hunts them all over the United States.

Click for Larger ViewI’m often asked, “What’s the biggest secret to successfully calling turkeys?” The answer is really simple, but it’s not so simple. Click for Larger ViewThe real secret to calling turkeys is calling turkeys where turkeys live. Regardless of how good you are at calling turkeys, if there aren’t any turkeys in the area you’re calling in, you won’t be successful. Where I grew-up turkey hunting, we’d go hunt one turkey every day, because that was the only turkey that would gobble. I wasn’t the only one hunting that turkey. There were probably five other guys hunting that same bird. The real secret to calling turkeys is going out into the turkey woods before the season and scouting and finding the turkeys.

When turkeys start gobbling, I get in the woods and listen to the turkeys to determine where they’re located and living. I usually go to areas where I’m pretty sure the turkeys have spent the winter, and usually there will be some turkeys in that same region in the spring. I love to hear turkeys gobble, and I want to be in the woods the first day the turkeys gobble. Some locator calls that are technology-driven will help you find and locate more turkeys. I particularly like the Limb Shaker Owl Hooter with its reed system that’s easy to blow. With just a little practice, no one can tell that you’re not a barred owl. I also enjoy using these crow calls, the Hammerin' Crow Call and the Slammer Crow Call, useful to both crow hunters and turkey hunters. The Slammer Crow Call is rubber coated, so that you can put it in your vest, and it won’t rattle if it bangs-up against strikers, calls, shells, pruners or any-other equipment you have in your turkey vest.

Click for Larger ViewTo call more turkeys, the simple, yet most-honest answer, is to find more turkeys to call. Listen for turkeys to gobble in the morning, use our new locator calls, and listen for turkeys to gobble. Click for Larger ViewIf you can’t hear any turkeys, see any turkey tracks, find any turkey droppings or locate any turkey feathers, then there’s a good chance there aren’t any turkeys in the area where you’re looking. In those kinds of places, even a world-champion turkey caller can’t call a turkey. But if you go to another region, find turkey tracks, locate turkey droppings, hear turkeys gobble in the morning, use locator calls to get even more turkeys to gobble, then even if you’re not a very-experienced turkey caller, more than likely you’ll still have turkeys to work. You very well may call-up a turkey. So, the simple answer to the question “What’s the secret of turkey calling?” is to find the turkeys, and then start calling to them.





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