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You Can Catch Big Bream

Day 5: Tips for Taking More Big Bream

Click for Larger ViewIf bigger, better bream are what you like to fish for, here are some general rules that will make your breaming better this season.

  • Use lighter, less-visible line.
  • Utilize smaller hooks, and try to hide them in your bait.
  • Fish with worms or small spinners like Zero Mepps, Panther Martins and Beetle Spins.
  • Fish for the deep-water bream first.
  • Bait for shellcrackers and bluegills differently.
  • Employ bigger bugs with more and longer legs, if you’re flyfishing.
  • Refuse to use a cork or a lead unless absolutely necessary.
  • Use a clear float if you must use one at all.
  • Try to hide from the bream.
  • Take your fish off the hook, and bait-up quickly, if you’re in a bed of really-big bream.
  • Try seed shrimp if you’re breaming in brackish water. You may be surprised at the results you get.

Click for Larger ViewThese breaming tactics have helped more breamers catch more and bigger bream. Try these techniques, and you may catch bream so big, that only one fits in the skillet at a time.

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Day 5: Tips for Taking More Big Bream

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