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Kids and Catfish

Day 2: Jugging for Catfish

Editor’s Note: One of the best ways to make sure that kids catch fish is to hire a guide who knows where the fish are, how to catch them and how to make sure that the children’s parents or grandparents have a good time together and a successful fishing trip.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewBilly Blakely of Reelfoot Lake’s Blue Bank Resort knows about children and how to make sure they have fun with their parents or grandparents, because one of his favorite things to do on his day off is to take his son, Jack, fishing with him. Whether they’re Yo-Yo fishing or jug fishing for cats, catching crappie or fishing for bluegill, there’s nothing Jack would rather do than spend time with his dad on the water catching fish. Once you take your children or grandchildren fishing, you’ll find that it will probably have the same effect. If you don’t have Yo-Yos, consider the possibility of fishing with jugs.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewJug fishing for cats is one of the most action-packed sports in America today.  When there are four or five jugs running at one time, deciding which one to chase first is hard.  Then as soon as you get one catfish in the boat, you must start-out after another one. Jug fishing is busy fishing.  You must make sure you have bait on your lines at all times, catch-up to the catfish that are running-off with your jugs, keep the wind and the current from blowing your jugs all over the river or the lake, take fish off the hooks and rebait again. 

For more information on how you too can take your children and grandchildren on a catfishing trip of a lifetime and have plenty of good groceries to eat when you get home, go to, or call Blue Bank Resort at 1-877-258-3226.

Catfish Like a ProTo learn more about how to catch catfish, click here, or go to, and type in the name of the book, “Catfish Like a Pro” to buy it. Too, you can download a Kindle app for free and buy the book from Amazon to read it on your iPad, Smartphone or computer.

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