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Some Winning Techniques of Bass Fishing

Day 5: Getting Jiggy on Bass at Lake Guntersville with Mike Gerry

Editor’s Note: Captain Mike Gerry, the owner of Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service on north Alabama’s Lake Guntersville, one of the top-10 bass lakes in the United States, has fished Lake Guntersville since 1971. Lake Guntersville is world-renowned, and BASS has held more than 20 tournaments there. From February to April, Guntersville holds more bass tournaments than any other lake in the nation. This week, Captain Gerry tells us how he fishes Lake Guntersville in hot weather, and what he expects to catch.

Click for Larger ViewQuestion: Mike, give us one more technique to catch bass on Lake Guntersville in the summer.

Gerry: I’ll put the Mister Twister Split Double Tail trailer that I’ve used on the spinner bait on a jig. I like the Split Double Tail grub, because it gives the jig a little-bit-more buoyancy and action, making the jig appear more realistic. The jig really stands out well with the Split Double Tail trailer on its back. I prefer to fish the new football-head jigs, since they create dust trails on the bottom. When you use the Mister Twister Split Double Tail trailer on the back of the jig, the bass see the bait much better in the dust trail. When you get down on the bottom in a rocky area, like we often fish, those big bass really like having that trailer on the jig. I’ve had plenty of success dragging that jig on the bottom in areas with no grass and fishing it over mud and/or rocks.

Click for larger ViewQuestion: What color jig do you usually use?

Gerry: There are several colors I really like: tequila green, black and blue and black with silver flake. I prefer the Mister Twister trailers that match those colors.

Question: Are you flipping the jig, fishing it on the fall or hopping it on the bottom?

Gerry: At this time of year, I mainly keep the jig on the bottom and drag it. In the spring of the year, I use the same football-head jig and the Mister Twister trailer, and I swim that jig over the top of the bass’ heads. But when the spawn’s over, I like to fish deep. But deep’s a relative term on Lake Guntersville. A deep hole here may be only 15-feet deep.

Click for Larger ViewQuestion: How do you decide which bait to use and when to use it at Lake Guntersville?

Gerry: If I’m searching for bass, I like a Mister Twister trailer on the back of a spinner bait. For a slow presentation, I fish a jig with a Mister Twister trailer. If I see fish moving under the grass, I’ll fish the Mister Twister Super Lizard. The lizard is my catch-bass-any-time-of-year bait. Mister Twister’s Super Lizard on Lake Guntersville will produce bass in rain, snow, heat, cold, winter or summer. It’s my best all-around Lake Guntersville big-bass bait.

Click for larger ViewQuestion: We’re approaching the hottest part of the year, what will you be doing from July until August?

Gerry: I flip the most during this time of year, because that’s when the grass mats absorb the rays from the sun, allowing the water under the mats to be cool. If I’m not flipping the grass during the hot weather months, I’ll be fishing the Mister Twister Super Lizard on the deepest drop-offs and ledges I can find with grass on them.

Question: On an average day of fishing in June, July and August, what do you expect to catch?

Gerry: A good day is catching and releasing 15 to 20 bass, a great day will be more bass, and an average day will be catching a few less.

To contact Captain Mike Gerry, call (256) 759-2270, or visit

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