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Driving Bow Buck Deer

Day 5: Bowhunters Need a Hunt Plan to Take Deer on a Drive

Editor’s Note: You’ll rarely ever hear the term, “putting on a deer drive,” in relationship to bowhunting. Most hunters never consider the possibility of driving deer when they bowhunt, mainly due to the perception of how to conduct a deer drive.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewI enjoy bowhunting, because this sport allows me to plan, plot, prepare, scout and use hunting techniques that most gun hunters never use. Bowhunters don't have the luxury of shooting bucks from long distances. Planning a bow drive requires extensive scouting, preparation and planning. First, you need to acquire an aerial photo and a topographic map of the land you intend to hunt to do as much of your planning before and after the season as possible. Study your maps, locate thick-cover sites on the land, determine wind direction, and begin to look for stand sites on the downwind side of the thickets or draws. Then, if necessary, cut trails through the thicket to prepare your hunting site for bow season, so you can drive the region. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about aerial photos and topo maps at will allow you to buy photos and maps online. You can write to this company at P.O. Box 2075, Red Lodge, MT 59068. And, be sure to check-out Google Maps.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewLet's face it, you’ll have little excitement if you simply sit in a tree stand all day and pray for a buck to appear. However, if you know you'll only remain in your tree stand for a couple hours, if you’re a stander before you have a turn driving bow deer, bowhunting can become a very-active and exciting sport. Often, outdoorsmen view bowhunting as a sport for loners. However, when you drive bow bucks, you and your hunting buddy become partners in the hunt. He drives bucks for you, you drive bucks for him, and you strategize together as to how to put on a drive and discuss where the deer have gone after the end of the drive. Using this method, bowhunting becomes a much-more active sport and allows you to work with a buddy to bring in a buck. Also with this strategy, you won’t destroy these thick-cover buck sanctuaries. This system has produced bucks for me, and it will for you.

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Day 5: Bowhunters Need a Hunt Plan to Take Deer on a Drive

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