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Guide Jackie Wayne VanCleave on Summertime Fishing

Day 2: Don’t Buy Catfish for a Summer Fish Fry – Catch Them with Jackie Wayne VanCleave

Editor’s Note: School is out, you’re at the lake, the weather is hot, and fishing is no good – or is it? You can have some of the best fishing of the year for you and your family, if you follow the advice of a 40-year veteran fishing guide and tournament crappie fisherman, Jackie Wayne VanCleave (731-538-2547 or 731-431-9700) of Samburg, Tennessee.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewDuring the hot summer months, many families like to catch catfish. Catfish will stretch your strings, bend your rods and make your drags squeal. When you take catfish home, you’ll enjoy those fine fillets for a Friday-night fish fry. We rod-and-reel fish for catfish here on Reelfoot Lake (, 1-877-258-3226). On the best day I’ve ever had, we caught 50 catfish in 5 hours on rods and reels. These primarily channel cats weighed 2- to 6-pounds each. During the day the catfish are looking for cool shady places where they can hide and ambush baits. So, we always search for underwater logs, trees visible on the surface or trees growing out in the water. We use B’n’M ( catfish rods and 15-pound-test line. I put a 3/4-ounce weight below the hook to make sure the weight sits on the bottom, and the hook and bait are a foot off the bottom. Occasionally I put two hooks on the line.

We use many-different baits to catch cats. I like Strike King’s Catfish Dynamite ( in different flavors, as well as deer meat, hot dogs, Catalpa worms, night crawlers and red worms. My favorite is the Strike King catfish bait, because it’s convenient and easy to use. We can’t guarantee how many cats we’ll catch in 4 or 5 hours of fishing, but we generally we catch plenty.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewCatfish are pretty much a sure bet here on Reelfoot. We may catch 10 or as many as 50, depending on the skill of the angler, and where the catfish are feeding. When you have a family fishing for catfish, everyone has a good time. Granddads bring their grandchildren, single parents bring their kids, and sometimes we have moms and dads and three kids catching cats all at one time. They’ll all have a lot of fun and catch a lot of fish.

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