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Ups and Downs of Tree Stands for Hunting Deer

Day 2: The Value of Tree Stands for Hunting Deer

Editor’s Note: One size of tree stands doesn’t fit all. To choose an effective tree stand, first study the conditions in the area you hunt. Then select a tree stand to match them.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewProbably most sportsmen can’t appreciate the value of tree stands until they attempt to get into a tree without one. But then they soon will realize, like I did, that the tree stand is the ultimate hunting tool. No-other product designed for hunters allows the sportsman to get above a deer, to sit comfortably and quietly and to often have his scent above the animal as well as the tree stand does. A tree stand gives the hunter portability, mobility, safety and comfort wherever he pursues deer. Tree stands also provide stable platforms from which to shoot, allow a hunter to look down into cover and enable an outdoorsman to hunt from the sides of trees that don’t have enough branches to stand on otherwise. If the tree stand is the ultimate hunting tool, then what type tree stand is best for hunting? Are there more advantages to one kind of tree stand than there are to others? If I’m going to spend my money for a tree stand, how do I know that I’m getting the best stand for my dollars? These are questions that I have been concerned with since I saw the first three or four tree stands come to the hunting market. Therefore, before we decide what kind of tree stand is best for you, let’s look at what a tree stand won’t do, and dispel some of the myths about tree stands.

Tree Stands – Truth and Fiction:

Myth #1: Tree stands keep human odor above and away from a deer’s nose. Nationally known bowhunting instructor, Dr. Robert Sheppard of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, says that, “Just because a hunter’s in a tree stand doesn’t mean he can ignore the wind as many outdoorsmen tend to believe. Even when in a tree stand, the hunter still must hunt into the wind to hunt successfully. Yet, there is one exception to this rule. Early in the morning with only a slight wind, a deer may walk under your scent when you’re in a tree stand

Myth #2: The deer doesn’t realize the hunter is there, if a hunter is in a tree, and a deer doesn’t look up. Actually, the more hunting pressure from tree stand hunters that deer receive, the more likely the animals are to look up and spot a hunter in a tree.

Myth #3: Any tree stand will allow any hunter to get into a tree in the woods. Not all tree stands fit all trees, and not all tree stands are safe on all trees.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewMyth #4: A sportsman can’t fall out of a tree stand. Any time an outdoorsman is off the ground, he runs the risk of falling. Although today tree stands are safer than ever before, there are many unsafe hunters, who can and will fall from tree stands each year.

Myth #5: You can’t get hurt in a tree stand, if you wear a safety belt in a tree stand. Wrong! Have you ever hung by a safety belt after your tree stand has fallen to the ground? If you’re not cut in half by the belt, you have a new problem – how to get out of the belt and down the tree.

There is an element of risk involved in using all tree stands. However, tree stand hunting also may be the most-effective way for bowhunters and gun hunters to bag deer. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of particular stands and a look at how many tree stands a hunter needs.

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