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Study and Hunt 1/2-Mile to Take More Deer with John E. Phillips

Day 4: Why a 1/2-Mile of Land Is Just Right for Successfully Hunting Deer

Editor’s Note: Instead of rambling over miles of white-tailed deer country, try concentrating on a 1/2-mile area. You may be surprised at what you’ve been missing. Once you find that magic 1/2-mile of land, you may be able to consistently take big deer from the same spot year after year.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewIf you’ve scouted properly, you can hunt more confidently, because you’ll be totally convinced you’re in the very-best place to take a deer. If you thoroughly understand what the deer do in that 1/2-mile, and know there is a buck in that area, then your chances of success become many times greater than the hunter who is stumbling around in the woods, hoping a deer will appear. The magic 1/2-mile is the spot that most successful deer hunters try to locate, because they often can take more than one buck from a region like this and may bag deer for several years from this same 1/2-mile – if the terrain and habitat don’t change.

What the Magic 1/2-Mile Looks Like:

Although the magic 1/2-mile will look different in various parts of the country and can be found in several types of terrain, there are some common characteristics magic 1/2-miles have. Let’s see what has made these places so productive, and why they can be hunting during an entire season and often even for several years.

I hunted a thicket for several years when I was in college at the University of West Alabama in Livingston, Alabama, that was in the middle of a river-bottom hardwood swamp that often flooded during hunting season. This thicket was productive, because it was protected from the hunters by water. The woods that flooded during the rainy season contained water oaks, white oaks, willow oaks and red oaks. The thicket was on high ground so that even when the river rose, the deer had sanctuary. Inside the thicket were plentiful blackberries and greenbrier. Since there were trails leading into the water, I knew the deer had to be in the thicket. But the problem with hunting this thicket was that the water surrounding it was chest-wader high. Finally when all else failed, I took a canoe through the woods, paddled across the water and reached the thicket. I did spook numbers of deer and could hear them run off and even occasionally see the whites of their tails.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewThe first day or two I hunted the thicket, I was unsuccessful. However, after I spent a day scouting the thicket, which was about 1/2-mile long, when the water was up, I found a break in the cover near one end of the island thicket. I soon learned that if I crossed the water and took a stand near that opening well before daylight that I consistently could see deer that were holding in a thicket on the island during daylight hours when hunting pressure was great in surrounding regions. To protect my magic thicket, I tried to make sure that no one saw me going into or out of the woods when I hunted. And, I hunted it for a number of years.

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