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Mark and Terry Drury and Their Buck Deer of Brotherly Love

Day 3: Terry Drury Gave Up a Big Buck Deer to His Brother Mark Drury

Editor’s Note: Would you give your brother the opportunity to bag a buck bigger than any deer you'd ever seen or killed in your life? Would you scout hard to pinpoint just the right place to take a deer, know that you had a 140-plus class buck to hunt, set-up a tree stand and then let your brother harvest the buck of your dreams? That's exactly what Terry Drury of Bloomsdale, Missouri, the co-owner of Drury Outdoors, did for his brother, Mark.

Click for Larger ViewBefore the search for this particular buck, Terry and Mark Drury had hunted together in Wisconsin where Mark had spent the week filming Terry hunting with a bow, one of many videotapes on productive deer, elk and turkey hunting they had made for Drury Outdoors. The two brothers had an unwritten agreement that they would take turns handling the camera and starring in front of the camera. Each week they changed responsibilities.

Click for Larger View"Since Mark had unselfishly given up a week of his hunting time to film me, the following week when we were going to hunt this buck in Illinois, I knew it was Mark's turn to be the hunter, and I would be the cameraman," Terry Drury comments. “Because we've hunted and filmed together for the last 2 decades, we believe that if we film a good hunt, then we both win – regardless of who does the scouting and who actually takes a buck."

Click for Larger ViewTerry Drury really wanted to film Mark, the creator of MAD Calls, bagging a big deer in the spot he'd found, because for so many years Mark had scouted and pinpointed places where Terry could bag mature bucks. Team hunting, like these two men do, means they have to scout twice as much territory, find two times as many good places to take bucks and share twice as many successful hunts together. The Drury brothers have found team hunting the most effective way to locate and bag the most big bucks in the shortest time. They also believe that their success afield depends on their scouting 3 or 4 months before the season starts.

Click for Larger ViewThis partnership works because each brother experiences as much enjoyment of the hunt when the other brother takes a buck with his bow, as he does when he bags a buck. Mark and Terry Drury never let their egos damage their friendship or their working relationship. They have adopted the philosophy that their two-man team is much more important than either brother's ego. Also, because of the equal importance of getting the hunt on film and taking a buck, both men share in the joy of a successful hunt. "To be honest, I always get a much bigger thrill when Mark gets a shot, and I film the hunt, than I do when I'm the shooter," Terry Drury emphasizes.

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