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Mark and Terry Drury and Their Buck Deer of Brotherly Love

Day 5: The Hunt for Mark Drury’s Huge Deer Wasn’t Over

Editor’s Note: Would you give your brother the opportunity to bag a buck bigger than any deer you'd ever seen or killed in your life? Would you scout hard to pinpoint just the right place to take a deer, know that you had a 140-plus class buck to hunt, set-up a tree stand and then let your brother harvest the buck of your dreams? That's exactly what Terry Drury of Bloomsdale, Missouri, the co-owner of Drury Outdoors, did for his brother, Mark.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewThe two men climbed out of their tree stands, gave each other high-fives and hugged at the base of the tree. They then went and found Mark's arrow. From the blood on the arrow, they could tell that the shaft had passed completely through the big deer. They decided not to try and trail the big deer until the next morning. "We knew we didn't have a TV at the cabin we were staying in," Terry Drury remembers. "But we had to look at the video. We went to the nearest Wal-Mart store, took our camera, bought two wires to connect the camera to a TV set in the store and watched the hunt for the first time in the aisle of Wal-Mart."

Because they wanted to watch the hunt over and over again, the brothers bought the TV and took it back to the cabin. They stayed up most of the night studying where the arrow had hit the deer and trying to judge the size of the rack. "I thought the rack would score between 170 and 175 points on Boone & Crockett," Terry Drury says. "But Mark believed the deer would score 180 to 185." However, both men underestimated the size of the big buck's rack. The next morning Mark and Terry went back to the spot where Mark had arrowed the monster-sized buck. For 4 hours, they tried to follow the blood trail though the thick brush, crawling through the thicket on their hands and knees. "Heartsick, we decided to give up the search, go back to town and try to get four or five more hunters to come with us to look for the deer," Mark Drury explains.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewTerry Drury prayed and asked the Good Lord to help them find the big buck as they walked out of the woods and went for help. "We hadn't gone 50 yards back toward our tree stand when Mark spotted a big patch of blood, looked up and said, 'There he is,'" Terry remembers. The buck, taken with a 125-grain broadhead, gross-scored 195-1/8-points and net-scored 184 points. "I owe the taking of that trophy buck to my brother Terry," Mark Drury emphasizes. "He found the buck, he decided on the strategy we should use for our hunting, and he set the tree stands up. Without Terry, I wouldn't have taken the biggest buck of my life." The two men experienced a bowhunt of a lifetime and shared a brotherly love rare in our world today.

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