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What to Do if You Want to Hunt Turkeys

Day 4: The Best Guns for Turkey Hunting

Editor’s Note: Turkeys don’t have teeth. There’s no report record of a bird charging a man and eating him. Neither do turkeys have supersonic hearing which allows them to detect a fly lighting on an oak leaf at 200-yards. Turkeys can’t see through large oak trees. But many newcomers to the sport may believe some of these myths because of the hype associated with hunting Meleagris gallopavo. I have heard a sportsman say, “I’d really like to get into turkey hunting, but I can’t call.” Or, “I’m afraid I’ll move and spook the bird.” Or, “Maybe that old gobbler is smarter than I am.” All of these ideas are nonsense.

Click or larger ViewClick for Larger ViewThe turkey-hunting beginner needs to be effective at up to 40 yards. Although I don’t think a novice should take a shot at 40 yards, one of the biggest problems that the beginner faces is being able to judge distances accurately. Most hunters who see a turkey standing tall at 40-yards will swear that the bird’s at 20 to 25 yards when they shoot. Unless they have a shotgun with an added punch, they may miss their birds. So, I recommend a 12 gauge 3 inch magnum, which should have the knockdown power to topple a tom at more than 30 yards.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewWhen choosing shells, I let the gun pick the shot size that I’ll use. I shoot No. 4s and No. 6s at distances from 10 to 40 yards at a turkey head pattern. Whichever shot patterns best at 10, 20 and 40 yards in the gun I’m shooting is the shot that I choose for that particular gun. Each gun will pattern various shot sizes differently. I also shoot a full choke, hoping to hold a tighter pattern.

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