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Outdoors Woman and Bowhunter Eva Shockey

Day 5: Bowhunter Eva Shockey Believes Her Camo Is a Fashion Statement

Editor’s Note: Eva Shockey, who recently was featured on the cover of “Field and Stream Magazine,” is 25-years old and has been hunting with her dad, well-known outdoorsman Jim Shockey, for as long as she can remember. But she didn’t start taking game until she was 20-years old. The story of Eva Shockey’s life is a classic example of what happens when two worlds collide. Louise Shockey, Eva’s mother, was a professional ballerina, a model and an actress. Eva’s dad, Jim Shockey, was and still is one of the most well-known hunters and outdoorsmen in the world ( Many people wondered which path Eva would take. Would she be a rough-and-tumble hunter like her dad, or would she demonstrate her more-feminine side like her mom? Eva fooled everyone. She didn’t just follow either route. Instead she’s combined the lifestyles of both her parents and is a girly girl and an avid bowhunter.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewCamouflage is almost always a part of my wardrobe, not only when hunting but when I’m not hunting. I wear Under Armour ( Mossy Oak in Break-Up Infinity ( or Obsession (, because I like the earth tones. Even when I’m not hunting, I usually wear some type of sportswear that includes at least a trace of camouflage. We’re all starting to see more girls and women wearing camouflage patterns and/or sports clothes that give them more of an outdoor look

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewMany women ask, “How do you stay warm when you’re hunting in 20- or 30-degrees below zero?” I think one reason women may not hunt is none of us enjoy being cold. But I’ve learned how to dress for cold weather. I can stay out all day long from before sun-up until after dark. First I put-on wool long underwear. On top of that, I wear a thick Under Armour base layer. I’ve learned that the closer that base layer is to your skin, the warmer you’ll stay. Next, I put on a fleece bottom and a fleece top as an insulating layer. I wear one or two jackets or one of my dad’s big warm well-insulated jackets on top of the fleece layer. I usually wear a waterproof Mossy Oak camo fleece jacket as an outer layer. When I get to my stand, I put on a Heater body suit ( that looks like a sleeping bag with legs and has a hole for your head and neck. As a deer approaches, I can unzip my body suit, take my bow down from my bow hanger, clip on my release, draw, aim and shoot. After I’ve arrowed the deer, I can hang my bow back on my bow hanger, zip-up my body suit and get warm quickly. I also wear toe warmers and use HotHands ( to keep me warmer. When I first started hunting with my dad, getting cold was a real concern for me. After a couple of years, I decided that I needed more layers to stay warm than my dad and some of the guys did. If I get cold hunting, I’m not having a good time. I never think I have on too-many clothes.

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