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How to Hunt Spooked Deer

Day 3: How to Hunt Pressured Deer

Editor’s Note: Deer do strange and unpredictable things when the hunting pressure builds-up over their range. This week we’ll look at how to modify your tactics to take these spooked deer.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewTo eliminate human odor, some hunters prefer to utilize masking scents that are taken from the glands of whitetails to actually mask human odor with an odor that is common to the deer. I also believe a masking scent is most effective when put on the bottoms of your shoes or boots when entering the woods and used in conjunction with a favorable wind.

The best way to eliminate human odor from the deer’s nostrils is to hunt with the wind in your face, so that the deer approaches your stand from downwind. To do that you must know which direction the deer should be walking on the day you plan to hunt. If the wind is wrong for the stand you have picked, choose not to hunt from the stand that day, rather than allowing the deer to pick up your odor in that area, which possibly may prevent the animal from coming into the region. Hunting with a favorable wind may be one of the most-overlooked keys to taking trophy bucks.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewThe second requirement for harvesting older, bigger deer is to disguise the human form. I believe that’s one of the reasons tree stands are so effective – the hunter is above the eye level of the deer. However, if you are hunting in a region where outdoorsmen historically have hunted from tree stands, then the deer may have been trained to look into the trees for hunters. So, back cover will be critical, and the type of tree selected to hunt from will be all-important. Again, if the hunter is conscious of not allowing the deer to make visual contact with him, he will be more likely to bag an older, bigger buck than someone the deer can see moving through the woods or standing in the woods.

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