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Hunting Deer in December

Day 2: Why Smart Deer Bucks Live

Editor’s Note: Deer hunters often find hunting miserable during the month of December because the deer know more about you than you do about them. The deer know what time you go hunting and what time you break for lunch; when you'll return to the woods; where you've located your tree stands; where you hunt most often; and where you seldom hunt. The deer have psyched you out and outsmarted you. Let’s look at deer hunting in December.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewFor a deer to reach the age of 3-years old or older, he has to avoid hunting pressure, regardless of his hunger, his sleepiness or his need to breed a doe. Older-age-class bucks have learned that human encounters result in their deaths. By avoiding humans, they can survive to feed, breed and live through another deer season, which means most of them will become nocturnal.

The less hunting pressure a region experiences, the greater your odds are for bagging a big deer there in December. The more hunting pressure a place receives, the slimmer your odds for success. By December, most of the dumb, young bucks are residing in some hunter's cooler or freezer. The remaining, older, smarter bucks become even harder to take. That's why deer hunters find December hunting so tough.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewThe bucks that have survived until December already have learned how to dodge hunter pressure. The rut's not on in many parts of the southern states, which means you won’t find the bucks chasing does. The deer have learned to feed and move after dark. If deer must move during daylight hours, they only walk in sites where they've never seen or smelled a human. For these reasons, if you hope to take a buck during December, you've got to think like a buck, learn where he'll most likely move during daylight hours and realize you only may have 3 hours in any day to bag a mature buck.

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