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Apples For A Secret Rendezvous

Editor’s Note: Ernie Calandrelli of Buffalo, New York, with Quaker Boy Calls, hunts white-tailed deer regularly.

"When I'm trying to take a very big buck during the rut, one of my favorite places to hunt them is Calendrelli's favorite place to hunt bucks is around apple treesaround apple trees in thick cover," says Ernie Calandrelli of upstate New York. "Although bucks will be chasing does during the rut, I've found that an older-age-class buck will look for his does in what he believes to be sanctuaries. A doe can come in to an apple tree in thick cover at any time of the day and feed on those apples without Calendrelli also notes that he finds big bucks during ruts on the trailsbeing seen. I'm convinced a big buck knows that this place is where he can find his does, breed them and not be exposed to hunters.

"I also locate big bucks during the rut on the trails between feeding and breeding sites. The bucks know that the does must eat and bed down. So, the most-likely place for them to discover the most does is along those travel corridors between those feeding and bedding sites. Too, you'll often encounter an older-age-class buck in a funnel Another place to look is in a 'funnel'area where two woodlots are pinched-down into a bottleneck. Because bucks have to be on the move during the rut, they'll be chasing does on both ends of the funnel. You're more likely to see bucks passing through a funnel at any time of the day during the rut."


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