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John's Journal... Entry 284, Day 3


Pheasants, Quail, Chukars and Hungarian Partridge

Editor’s Note: Any day you can shoot as few as six ducks or as many as 25 because Deer Creek Lodge is a hunting preserve. But, unlike most duck-hunting operations, the hunt at Deer Creek Lodge doesn't have to end after a morning of waterfowling. At this lodge, you can double-down and hunt ducks in the morning and upland birds or deer in the afternoon. After taking ducks, you may flush as many as 100 or 200 upland birds or choose to hunt for trophy whitetails with your bow. Besides terrific hunting, the food and lodging are great too. The chef prepares delicious meals as fine as what you expect to eat in upscale restaurants, and the lodge has the comforts of home for you to enjoy.

Click to enlarge"Nobody else in our area offers upland game bird hunting like we do," Tim Stull, the manager of Deer Creek Lodge, says. "When our bird dogs go on point, you never know what you're going to flush, which makes for an exciting, fun-filled day of bird hunting." Unlike many other shooting preserves, Deer Creek Lodge has an abundance of cover and food the birds can hold over after being released, and that's why Deer Creek homes so many upland birds throughout the property. The birds aren't just put out with no place to hide and nothing to eat. You better be ready for some fast shotgun action when you and your hunting partner follow along behind the bird dogs in these manicured grain fields.

As Stull explains, "Kentucky isn't known as a Mecca for upland bird hunting. So, we offer something different for the South that most bird hunters only expect to see in the Midwest or the far West. We like the Hungarian partridge because it's one of the hardest-flying birds that you can try and take. The pheasant gives our hunters an opportunity to take a bird that's usually only found in the Midwest or the Click to enlargeNorthwest. The chukar is a western bird, and the bobwhite is our native quail. At our preserve, you'll experience some of the best wingshooting you can find almost anywhere in the country. Our birds flush and fly hard and offer sportsmen challenges as well as provide delicious meat to eat."

Too, you'll also encounter no limits on the variety of birds you'll have to hunt at Deer Creek Lodge. You'll have the chance there to take over 200 birds each day. Some of the bobwhite quail and Hungarian partridge that got in front of me were much better at flying than I was at shooting them. After the birds flushed, the opportunity to shoot at them was my reward. There wasn't a 5- to 10-minute period during the day when beautifully-trained pointers weren't locked-up in the grain fields like marble statues in a downtown park.

Click to enlarge"Birds are released in August," Stull reports. "We wait until we see grasshoppers in August to release the birds, since this improves their survival rate. The birds will feed on grasshoppers as well as the grain. The birds receive nutrition and water from the grasshoppers. We believe that the grasshoppers enable these pen-raised birds to learn how to forage in the wild. Then once the coveys get established, we'll maintain the coveys by adding supplemental birds throughout the season. We have coveys with 30 to 50 birds in one. So, a client may flush a covey with 100 birds in it," After tasting the upland bird hunting at Deer Creek Lodge, I can tell you it's some of the finest I've ever experienced anywhere. If you enjoy hunting upland birds, you'll have a very good time here. If you want to impress a business client by giving him the opportunity to take more and different birds than he's ever bagged in his lifetime, then you need to seriously consider taking him to hunt at Deer Creek Lodge.

For more information on Deer Creek Lodge, you can write P.O. Box 39, Sebree, Kentucky 42455; call 1-888-875-3000; email deercreek@vci.net; or, visit www.deercreeklodge.net.






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