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What Quail Management Can Do for You

Click here to enlargeEDITOR’S NOTE: You can hunt quail as well as deer and turkey on your hunting lease or at your hunting club with very little investment and not much work. According to Dr. Bill Palmer, game bird specialist at Tall Timbers Research Station in Tallahassee, Florida, "Most outdoorsmen will be satisfied to go out with their buddies and a bird dog and find two to three coveys of quail in a half-day's hunt. Hunters can create this type of hunting ground on all kinds of forest land with minimal effort." This week, we’ll learn how to have more quail on the property where you hunt and the history behind why the quail populations across the U.S. have declined.

Click here to enlargeWhen you decide to begin to manage your hunting lands for quail and turkey, never forget that the differences inherent in all forest lands will keep you from accurately predicting how any management tool will affect a specific parcel of land. However, you can anticipate some possible general results of effective quail management by increasing the number of quail on your property.
* One bird per 10 to 20 acres equals an average of zero coveys of quail flushed per day of hunting, the results of no management of the lands for quail.
* One bird per 2 to 5 acres equals one to three coveys of quail flushed per half-day of hunting.
* One quail per acre equals finding quail every time you hunt and flushing five to seven coveys in a half-day hunt.
* Two to four birds per acre equals flushing four to seven coveys per hour of hunting, or in a half-day of hunting flushing as many as 20 coveys.

Click here to enlargeHowever, this type of quail management may prove too costly for most hunting clubs and/or leases to consider. Having two to four birds per acre will require a commitment by the hunting club of predator control, supplemental feeding of the quail and such intense quail management that most hunting clubs will find this regime cost-prohibitive.





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