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What’s the Big Lie About Quail Management

Click here to enlargeEDITOR’S NOTE: You can hunt quail as well as deer and turkey on your hunting lease or at your hunting club with very little investment and not much work. According to Dr. Bill Palmer, game bird specialist at Tall Timbers Research Station in Tallahassee, Florida, "Most outdoorsmen will be satisfied to go out with their buddies and a bird dog and find two to three coveys of quail in a half-day's hunt. Hunters can create this type of hunting ground on all kinds of forest land with minimal effort." This week, we’ll learn how to have more quail on the property where you hunt and the history behind why the quail populations across the U.S. have declined.

Click here to enlargeFor years, outdoorsmen have spread the same lie that, "Quail management is too expensive for a landowner or a hunting club to carry out." However, Dr. Palmer reports that, "you may be surprised at just how many quail you can have at a low cost -- if you simply manipulate the habitat. A little bit of quail habitat will go a long way to give you quail as a usable, fun resource for hunting." Simple habitat manipulations that increase the amount of quail habitat as well as the numbers of quail on your property include:
* leaving small field borders of weeds around the land's green field s and agricultural crops,
* thinning minimally and using fire and herbicides like Arsenal and Habitat and
* doing a minimal amount of supplemental feeding.

Click here to enlarge"Most hunting clubs and leases can spend about $1,000 a year on controlled burning, harrowing and applying herbicides to produce one to two quail on every 5 acres of land in their leases," Dr. Palmer advises. "With this quail density, sportsmen will pinpoint two to four coveys for every half-day hunt." The ability to locate two to four coveys per half-day will add a tremendous amount of hunting opportunities to most hunting-club leases and also will justify several members owning bird dogs and becoming active quail hunters.






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