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Give a Turkey to a Friend

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Sometimes a turkey hunter may want to give away a gobbler. He may have located a turkey and wants a friend to hunt it. Tell your friend the GPS Click here to enlargecoordinates for getting to that gobbler. Then your friend can log those coordinates into the memory of his receiver and navigate to the spot where he can begin to call and hunt the tom. However, usually people give away turkeys because they can't take those turkeys themselves. I've often had tough-to-take toms I've wanted other hunters to bag to keep me from having to fight them every morning of turkey season and dream about them each night. Give this kind of gobbler to someone else to solve your problem. A GPS receiver will help you put your friend or
enemy in a position to find and hunt this bad gobbler.Click here to enlarge

We all love to hunt all kinds of wild turkeys, particularly
gobblers no one else has hunted, and enjoy going deep into the woods where other hunters won't and hunting new land and turkeys in other states. But no one likes to get lost. The hand-held GPS receiver will enable you to . . .
* hunt further and deeper in wilderness areas day and night,
* hunt new land in different states and
* keep up with gobblers on the land you hunt often.

Click here to enlargeTo increase your chances of bagging more gobblers every year, plan to enlist outer space satellites to help you hunt
turkeys. And don't forget, you won't have to come home to a
cold supper after being lost until after dark if you'll use a
GPS receiver.



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