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What to Do When You Miss

Click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: This week Mark Drury, award-winning turkey caller, the creator of MAD Calls, avid hunter and outdoorsman and co-owner and developer of Drury Outdoor Videos, will teach you the secrets for hunting last-minute gobblers. Hopefully this season you won't lose your job, your wife or your sanity when you hunt turkeys.

Click to enlargeMissing a gobbler, or spooking a gobbler can really ruin your day of turkey hunting. If you spook a bird or shoot at him and miss, you completely change the turkey's mood. He's on the way to meet you with love on his mind. Then just about the time he's arrived at the spot where he's planned to rendezvous with you, whatever's spooked him has rid him of the idea of making love and created a desire to get out of the area. Hopefully you have the luxury of having another turkey located to go to and attempt to call while that spooked bird settles down. When I don't have to hunt the same bird after spooking him, then I won't hunt him for at least Click to enlargetwo days. Many times, however, you can spook a bird, and he'll continue to gobble. If he stays right in that general area, you may have a chance to take him. So, if that turkey continues to gobble after I spook him, I'll get up and try to get in front of the direction he's going, change calls and attempt to call him in once more.

When I say start calling the birds, I'll start off with calls other than turkey calls. I'll scratch in the leaves like a turkey, use a turkey wing and beat the air and the ground like a turkey flapping its wings when it stretches and use some spitting and drumming like a gobbler trying to Click to enlargeimpress a bunch of hens. I add those extra little sounds not only when I'm trying to get a spooked gobbler in close enough to take, but even if I haven't spooked a gobbler, and I'm in a hurry to get that turkey in so I can take him and leave the woods, I believe that making those extra sounds turkeys make helps your calling to sound more realistic and often will bring the bird in faster, especially when you're on a short deadline.

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