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Cranking Up for Crappie

Click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Kent Driscoll of Cordova, Tennessee, has enjoyed fishing for crappie for 30 years. He's fished in crappie tournaments and finishing third in 2000 and fourth in 2002 at the North American Crappie Classic. Each spring and summer, Driscoll fishes the Crappie USA Circuit, Crappiemasters and the new Crappie Angler's Association, using a wide variety of tactics that produce crappie all year long. For the next two weeks, we'll Click to enlargelearn how Driscoll finds and catches crappie.

Question: When do you start fishing crankbaits for crappie, and why are you using the same kind and size of crankbaits to fish for crappie that bass fishermen use?

Driscoll: We start trolling crankbaits in May, after the spawn. And we'll pull crankbaits for crappie throughout the summer. From May until Click to enlargeSeptember, the crappie in the three lakes I primarily fish in north Mississippi pull out away from the bank and suspend in the middle of the lake, often in large schools. These schools will be holding along the thermocline, which is usually in 12 to 15 feet of water. The thermocline is the crappie's comfort zone. It's where they find the most oxygen, the best water temperature and the most bait.

The crappie at this time of year won't be related toClick to enlarge any type of structure. They'll just be holding out on major flats, points on the river channel and often scattered out in the main part of the lake. When I'm pulling crankbaits for crappie, I'll usually have eight B'n'M Pro Staff trolling rods. I have four rod holders that each hold four poles. These rod holders are positioned on the right-hand and left-hand side of the bow and on the right and left sides of the stern. If I have a partner fishing with me, he'll be fishing the eight rods on the stern while I fish the eight rods on the bow.

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