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Know Which Turkeys To Go To

Click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Bob Wozniak of Boston, New York, one of the true masters of the sport of turkey hunting in New York State and a member of the Quaker Boy Calls' Hunt Team, has hunted turkeys for more than 30 years. He's bagged a gobbler or called in a gobbler for someone to take every year that New York has had a turkey season. Let's look this week at some of Click to enlargeWozniak's best northern tactics for taking toms in the spring, since many northern states still are having turkey seasons.

Wozniak almost can determine when he hears a turkey gobble in the mountains of New York whether he can take the tom or not. "If a tom is gobbling at the top of a ridge, I've got a good chance of bagging him because more than likely he's not with hens," Wozniak commented.Click to enlarge "But if he's gobbling lower down on the mountains, I've found that often the tom will be with his hens and has moved to those lower elevations to feed and breed. I think turkeys go to the tops of the mountains to call their hens to them. Click to enlargeThen once the tom rounds up his harem, he'll move down the mountain."

If you plan to hunt in New York or any of the other New England states this season, try Wozniak's tactics for taking more toms to increase your odds for success.


Check back each day this week for more about BOB WOZNIAK - A GREAT NORTHERN TURKEY HUNTER

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